B1 Chapter 12 – New Road

“Voiceless incantation and Infusion of mana into sound…?” Horan muttered. His previously composed mask broken with surprise on his face.

The others looked on with surprise at the mention of voiceless incantation.

“Incorrect. It is projecting my mana as sound. I can make you hear whatever I want.”

A voice echoed back, but the child’s mouth never moved.

“I have never heard of such a thing before.” The old knight bluntly stated in amazement.

“Of course, I developed it myself.” This time, the boy had talked. His voice was normal and childish like the one he met them at the door with.

Having underestimated the child at every turn, the old man was speechless.

The other knights had heard, and were trying to wrap their minds around how one would develop a magic.

Adalina’s face was slightly surprised. She knew he had the ability to so such things with his voice, but never knew to what degree he had taken it.

“Now that we’ve established that my mother was telling the truth, is there anything else?” Kaidus questioned.

“Yes of course. Thirn.” Brought back from his reverie, the old man called out.

The man call Thirn stepped forward and handed the commander a piece of folded cloth about the size of his palm.

The old man unfolded the cloth, revealing a Royal Knight’s Insignia. With a short display of it in his palm, he offered it to the boy. “Please take this. If you ever feel like you want to become a knight to protect the people, show this to any knight within Ferrent, and they shall see you through the proper channels.”

“Thank you.” Kaidus took the cloth wrapped insignia, giving a curt bow in return.

 “I hear you are an accomplished reader, reading such tomes as Horinfals 8 Designated Principles, The Arkane Alchemist of Lies, The 14 Formations of Derzul’s Floating Castles, and such… That you also spend your free times discussing books with the owners of bookstores you borrow from?” The old man investigated after having sat down.

“I read what might interest me.” Kaidus’ reply was short and simple.

“Also, that you are not going to school within the 3rd ward?”

“I attended briefly, but the subject matters taught were well below my consideration. I had opted out so that others would make better use of my spot.” Kaidus responded matter-of-factly.

“Hmmm….” The old man thought deeply for a second, then an idea hit him. “Then how about Zorin Academy within the 11th ward?”

“I’m sure Zorin Academy is restricted to nobles.” Kaidus replied with a shred of curiosity.

Zorin Academy was one of three where the best and brightest of Ferrent’s upper echelon attended. Zorin Academy in the 11th ward, Tiokin Academy in the 12th ward, and Hvsen Academy in the 10th ward.

“It is, but there are exceptions. Being Lord Knight Commander, I can create those exceptions. In my eyes, you Kaidus, a young prodigy would be considered an exception.” The old man attempted to entice Kaidus.

Kaidus turned to look at Adalina. She had been watching him and gave him a weak smile as if giving him her permission. “Your offering is tempting, Lord Ravon. I would love to attend even if just to scour the academy’s stockade of books, but without the means, I would have to gratefully decline.” He bowed as he declined the offer.

“There would be no such problems! I will sponsor you with all the backings of the Ravon family.” The old man exclaimed, grinning optimistically. The three people standing behind him simply looked at each other silently.

“That woul–” Kaidus started.

“Of course he’ll attend, my Lord.” Adalina spoke

“Adalina?” Kaidus was surprised at her sudden announcement.

‘Adalina’ He had not called me by that in many years. She thought to herself. “It’s fine Kaidus. I have Anise with me. You should go and see what the academy has to offer. Do not worry about us. You can always come back when you want. You know that.” She comforted him with a smile.

“Of course… mother.” Kaidus replied as he gave her a smile back. “Lord Ravon, if you will, please allow me to attend Zorin Academy.” He bowed in gratitude.

“DONE!” with a great loud voice, the old man shouted. “I will find lodging for you along with the required paper works and my sponsorship. Everything will be ready within 4 days. Expect a courier with an 11th ward entrance letter and a carriage for your belongings. He will bring you directly to me, where we can finalize your sponsorship and admittance.” The old man spoke, a great big smile on his face.

“I understand.” Kaidus replied affirmatively.

“Well then, that about covers everything.” The old man voiced as he got up.

“Master, Zorin Academy claims some of the most powerful magic students within the kingdom, are you sure he will be able to compete with his sound magic?” Daaro questioned from the side.

“He is not limited to sound, Daaro. You saw yourself he can invoke voiceless incantations.” The old man replied.

“I still cannot believe that, master.”

“… Are you calling all the knights who witnessed it liars? Spellblade Daaro Sinstal. Because if I were you, I would watch what I say next.”

“I do believe them master, I do not doubt that they saw what they saw. It’s just, I cannot grasp my head around the possibility that this child managed such a feat.”

“He brings up a good point Commander, I myself am intrigued by everything that has occurred. A demonstration of a similar magic that defeated the Kalligor would easily clear any doubts” Thirn backed up Daaro’s argument.

Standing in front of his seat, the old knight looked at Kaidus entreatingly

“Would it be too much to ask for you to prove my assertions?” The old knight politely pleaded with a look of complete confidence.

“I will not have others label my benefactor a narrator of false tales.” Kaidus answered. Within seconds, a twig zipped down from his room, halting in between everyone. “Watch carefully, as I do not have another stick.” He warned.

As soon as the warning was finished, his hair began emitting streaks of light.

With a single thought, the stick imploded upon itself into a sphere before bits and pieces of the sphere tore away. In an instant, thousands of tiny fragments of wooden particles were in the air. Extending his arm outward, the fragments swirled around it as if to slice it up before flying back to the middle of the spectators. With another thought, the pieces burst into flames in the air, vanishing completely.

Everyone had been mesmerized by the display, and all lacked the proper words to put their thoughts into form.

“Yaaay! Agin Gai! Do it Agin!” Anise cheered as the lightshow came to an end.



A few days later.

Kaidus was currently riding a carriage through the 11th ward heading towards the Ravon Estate. They had passed the gated checkpoint into the nobility ward not long ago and he was reading a book be brought along to pass the time.

Adalina had packed him three set of clothes–two of them were brand new and purchased for this occasion. He was currently reading the book Life and Death of Malizur Lize Daran Fotbusen–It was the book he had obtained from the Tales Corner bookstore. In his pocket were three green fers that Troyle had given him–four full days’ worth of Troyle’s wage–along with a small satchel containing paper and ink that Troyle purchased for him the day before.

The Ravon estate was a huge plot of property towards the center of Ferrent, bordering the walled gates into the 13th ward.

The Ravon Manor stood in the fore of the walled estate while the backyard contained a large garden. As the carriage pulled up to the mansion, a familiar face came out to greet him.

“Good afternoon Lord Kaidus. Master has been expecting you.” Daaro greeted him with a wink. His previous doubts about having Kaidus, a seven-year-old boy attending the academy all but disappeared.

“Good afternoon Lord Sinstal, and please it’s just Kaidus.”

“Well then Kaidus, please leave your possessions in the carriage, it will wait here until we are done.” Daaro spoke as if reading his mind. “Please follow me, I’ll show you to the Master’s study.” he turned around and walked toward the manor.

Looking around, the huge manor felt more like a castle. The manor was extremely large and had a courtyard that was divided into three sections. One for training, one for relaxation, and the other contained a small garden with a pathway through it. Passing the courtyard, he could see there were many people outside socializing and training.

“Does everyone live here?” He asked Daaro indicating the people in the courtyard.

“Some. Most come here for training and instruction from Master Ravon and Sir Horan.”  

“I thought Lord Gelrin didn’t give lessons, is it his son Lord Huin?”

“Yes indeed. Master Huin Xoras Ravon, the Commander’s son and Vion’s father is the instructor.” Daaro answered as they walked.

“Master, Kaidus has arrived.” Daaro spoke as he opened the door to the study.

“AH! Good! Come take a seat.” The lord waved him forward to a chair. “Zorin academy has already been notified of your admittance. You will be staying in a boarding house allocated to the academy for student use. Is that fine with you?”

“Is the boarding house within the academy?” Kaidus asked to make sure.

“Yes, the boarding house is a part of, and within the academy grounds.” The old man clarified.

“Then that is fine.”

“Then these.” The old man slid two official looking documents forward.

“This one is your admittance letter.”

Taking the paper, Kaidus read it from top to bottom to check for any discrepancies or hidden agenda within the document.

“The document has been magically infused to correspond to whoever synchronizes with it, allowing them entry into the academy without any problem. If you would, please infuse some of your mana into it.” The old man explained.

As Kaidus willed his mana into the letter sitting on the desk, the piece of paper shone with a blue light, and then as if dissolving, vanished completely. A cold sensation formed on the back of his hand, and then a symbol appeared.

“Good. That symbol is an enchantment that allows entry into the school without setting off the perimeter alarm for intruders.” The old man told him after confirming the symbol.

“And then this.” The old man handed him the sponsorship letter.

Again, Kaidus took the paper and looked through it thoroughly to make sure there was nothing else besides the promise of sponsorship before setting it back on the table.

“Hahahah, a cautious one aren’t you?” the old man laughed, having read Kaidus.

“Just making sure there is nothing to bind me, Sir.” He replied back with a wry smile.

“Bind you? BWAHAHHAHAHA! Surely you jest boy, it is I who should be diligent in making sure you do not bind me to your will!” the old man laughed heartily.
Daaro on the other hand, even though knowing they were joking, was edging his hand towards the sword on his waist.

“Ahem! The price of admittance for 3 years at the academy has already been paid for. That document will allow you to draw from the Ravon House treasury for anything you may need. Like before, please infuse your mana into it.”

Kaidus infused his mana into the document. This time, it shone lightly but did not vanish. The old Knight stepped forward and muttered a quick incantation, infusing his own mana into the paper. It shone brightly for a second, and then went back to normal.

“That will authenticate the document for whenever you require it.” The old man told him. Going back behind his desk, he got took out something from a drawer.

“Also, if you will,” The old man held out a badge with the emblem of a sword and helmet. “Because of your exceptional circumstances, many will undoubtedly look down upon you. Wear this, and they will recognize those who are behind you.” The old man made a low bow, as he offered the badge to Kaidus.

“I am grateful for your consideration Lord Ravon, but I wish to push through the academy with my own strength. I hope you do not mind if I humbly decline your generous offer.” Kaidus answered with a bow of his own.

“No, of course not.” The old man replied in understanding. “We have finished our business… but, how about having dinner and resting here in my manor for the night?”

“As I am a person who lacks manner and proper etiquette, I must graciously decline your offer.” Kaidus replied, attempting to claw himself out of staying.

“BWAAHAHAHAH! If you lack manner and etiquette, then my grandson must be a broken halfwit! I implore you, please join me for dinner. I would love to hear about your family.” The old man was unwilling to let him slip out of his grasp.

Kaidus could hear Daaro who was standing by the door behind him trying to hold back his laughter. “If you insist, Lord Ravon.” He replied with a smile on his face. “What about the carriage out front?”

“I insist, and thank you for the honor.” The old man asserted, grinning.  Ringing a bell on his desk, moments later a young man opened the door.

“Yes Sir?”

“Fon, show Kaidus to a room in the West wing. Also, send someone to bring in his belongings from the carriage out front. He will be relaxing here for the night.”

“Yes Sir. Please, right this way.” Fon ushered Kaidus to follow.

“Feel free to wander about the estate Kaidus. I will send someone to call you for dinner.” The old man spoke.

“Until dinner then, Lord Ravon.” Turning to Daaro, “Thank you for the guide, Lord Sinstal” Kaidus replied with a curt bow as he walked out of the old man’s study.

“First time I have seen you so gracious towards someone else besides his majesty the king.” Daaro spoke to his master after Kaidus had left.

“Live long enough, and you too will learn to discern people Daaro. You would do well to watch your tongue around him.” The old man spoke, unamused by his disciple’s keen statement.


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3 years ago

Be wary of the old men who lasts in a dangerous job for they have survived and seen it all. 🙂