B2 Epilogue

-Malpaar’s southern forest-

A large circular cavity stood within the midst of the forest’s dense canopy.
Different from the surrounding perimeter of tall trees darkly packed together, it was a lush meadow filled with vibrant brushes, flowers, and saplings.

An extensive circle of new growth, at its center was a large white sphere being engulfed by hundreds of thin vines.
From within the sphere, a soft light was pulsing rhythmically as if in tune with that of a beating heart.

“KrrRaauuuHH!!” Zirus roared, sending the vines that were encroaching upon its position writhing back down to the ground. With its wings already unfurled menacingly, it hissed at the creature beneath it.

“Guurrr!” A small feline frustratingly growled back, its coat shining brightly with an emerald green glow in the sunlight.
Lowering itself, the small cat agilely jumped upward and a vine thrashed out from its small body, whipping at the black serpent.

“KRAUUUU!” Zirus roared again, sending out a shock-wave and blasting the creature backward through the air.

Catching its landing, “Gurrr!” The small cat growled again, and mana began swirling around its body. Its green coat quickly turning darker and posturing itself, “GRAAAAAARRRR!” It roared.

The lush green meadow instantly blossomed into life as a field of grass exploded upward.

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3 years ago

Baby Zeke! I knew it!

Joey Monte
Joey Monte
3 years ago

I finally after years I have finally saw the end of this book, thank you very much for your hard work.